Item num: LX-F-001
Item description:

Sheet, Steel Plate, Zinc-plated Sheet (coil/sheet)

Special for making fire-proof signboard, traffic sign, or common guide sign
1. Fire-proof Sign: Ceiling for public place, emergency exit sign for access, stair or exit, barrier, fire-proof equipment, warning sign and so on

2. Traffic Sign: Sign for Emergency Exit, Access or Dispersion, Stair Sign, Guide Sign, Corridor or Wall Sign, Dock Sign, Life-save Sign, Sign for Fire-proof Equipment

3. Common Guide Sign: Doorplate, Road Guide, Switch Marker

Its easily to be activated, even the common fluorescent light can be the activating source. As such, the sunlight, common lamp or interior lighting can be the source for activating its reflection. Usually it can last for above 10 hours after light-storing for 15 minutes. Being made of acrylic material by special technique, its no necessary to protect it, as its so durable in service life, especially for its weather-proof performance; its service life can last for above 7 years under outdoor conditions and 20years indoor; moreover, its resistant to solvent and salt spray.